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Volume XLIX, Numbers 91 & 92 / 1962

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Contents of Volume XLIX

Papers Presented at the May 1962 Meeting

An Introduction to the Negative Binomial Distribution and its Applications
LeRoy J. Simon
Discussion by Lester B. Dropkin (Nov. 1962)
Discussion by Lewis H. Roberts (Nov. 1962)

Homeowners - The First Decade
Frederic J. Hunt, Jr.

Discussion by Ernest T. Berkeley

Size, Strength and Profits
LeRoy J. Simon

Discussion by Robert A. Bailey (Nov. 1962)
Discussion by Clyde H. Graves (Nov. 1962)
Discussion by Charles C. Hewitt, Jr. (Nov. 1962)
Author's Review (Nov. 1962)

Invitational Address - May 23, 1962

Tomorrow's Actuary
Henry S. Beers

Seminar Reports - May 1962 Meeting

Analyzing Annual Statements and Expense Exhibits of Other Companies
Robert G. Espie

Rating of Excess Coverages
Matthew Rodermund

Package Policy Ratemaking
Edward S. Allen

How Can Actuarial Analyses Help Company Claim Departments Control Average Claim Costs
Martin Bondy

Discussion of Papers Published in Volume XLVIII

Recent Trends and Innovations in Individual Hospital Insurance by M. Eugene Blumenfeld
Discussion by Alfred V. Fairbanks (May 1962)

Mathematical Limits to the Judgment Factor in Fire Schedule Rating by Kenneth L. McIntosh

Discussion by Lester B. Dropkin (May 1962)
Discussion by Robert L. Hurley (May 1962)
Author's Review (May 1962)

Observations on the Latest Reported Stock Insurance Company Expenses for 1960 by Frank Harwayne
Discussion by Seymour E. Smith (May 1962)

An Actuarial Analysis of a Prospective Experience Rating Approach for Group Hospital-Surgical-Medical Coverage by George E. McLean

Discussion by Roger A. Johnson (May 1962)
Author's Review (May 1962)

Patterns of Serious Illness Insurance by Mark Kormes

Discussion by John R. Bevan (May 1962)
Author's Review (May 1962)

Experience Rating Reassessed by Robert A. Bailey

Discussion by John W. Carleton (May 1962)
Discussion by Lewis H. Roberts (May 1962)

Minutes of the May 1962 Meeting

Presidential Address November 15, 1962

Actuarial Aspects of Industry Problems
Laurence H. Longley-Cook

Papers Presented at the November 1962 Meeting

Reformulation of Some Problems in the Theory of Risk
Karl Borch

The Low Valued Risks-Study of the Premium Required for Habitational Risk of Various Policy Amounts
Philip G. Buffinton

Discussion by Frederic J. Hunt, Jr.
Discussion by Robert L. Hurley

The Latest Reported Stock Insurance Company Expenses for 1961
Frank Harwayne

Negative Binomial Rationale
Thomas O. Carlson

Panel Discussion on "Ratemaking in the Future" November 1962 Meeting

Ratemaking and Pricing in the Marketplace
Harold E. Curry

Problems of Rating Organizations
Joseph M. Muir

Multiple Peril Ratemaking and Statistical Problems
Seymour E. Smith


An Introduction to Credibility Theory
Laurence H. Longley-Cook

Minutes of the November 1962 Meeting

Reviews of Publications


1962 Examinations of the Society

Index to Volume XLIX

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