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1954 Proceedings

Volume XLI, Numbers 75 & 76 / 1954

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Contents of Volume XLI

Address of the President, May 24, 1954

"Expanding Requirements for Actuarial Education"

Seymour E. Smith

Address of the President, November 18, 1954

"On Our Fortieth Anniversary"

Seymour E. Smith

Papers Presented at the November 18, 1954 Meeting:

Workmen's Compensation Insurance Ratemaking
Ralph M. Marshall

Standard Provisions for Workmen's Compensation and Employers' Liability Policies
Randall C. Kean

Prolonged Illness Insurance
Mark Kormes

Group Accident and Health Therapeutic Benefits - Measurement of Loss Costs for Rate Making Purposes
Paul M. Otteson

The Boiler and Machinery Adjustment Rating Plan
Robert B. Foster

A Credibility Framework for Gauging Fire Classification Experience
Robert L. Hurley

Discussion of Papers

Review of Publications

Current Notes


Minutes of Meeting, May 26-27, 1954

Minutes of Meeting, November 17-18, 1954

1954 Examinations of the Society

Index to Volume XLI

1955 Year Book

Recommendations for Study, 1954

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