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Volume XXVII Proceedings

Volume XXVII, Numbers 55 & 56 / 1940-41

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Contents of Volume XXVII

Address of the President, Francis S. Perryman:

Address of the President, Sydney D. Pinney:

Papers Presented November 15, 1940:

Papers Presented May 16, 1941:

Discussion of Papers Read at Previous Meeting

Discussion of Papers Read at Previous Meeting (from No. 56)

Informal Discussions:

    What Steps Should be Taken by American Casualty Companies to Protect Themselves and Their Policyholders Against the Possibility that Developments in the War may make it Inadvisable or Impracticable to Secure Adequate Excess Limits or Special Risk Protection in Foreign Markets?

    Insurance Problems and Rate Making Procedure in Connection with United States Government Defense Projects

    As Respects the Liability Lines, Why Not Issue Unlimited Coverage as Standard Coverage, Subject to Limitation by Endorsement in Exceptional Cases?

Review of Books and Publications

Review of Books and Publications (from No. 56)

Current Notes

Current Notes (from No. 56)

Legal Notes

Legal Notes (from No. 56)


Obituaries (from No. 56)

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