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Volume XIV Proceedings

Volume XIV, Numbers 29 & 30 / 1927-28

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Contents of Volume XIV

Addresses of the President, Sanford B. Perkins:

Papers Presented November 18, 1927:

Method for Setting Up Reserve to Cover Incurred but not Reported Loss Liability
Nellas C. Black

The Function and Place of the Statistical Department in a Multiple Line Casualty Company
Joseph Linder

The Position of the Reinsurance Company in the Casualty Business
Winfield W. Greene

Premiums and Reserves for Deferred Payment Protection
John M. Powell

Payroll Auditing
Donald L. Belcher

Has the Industrial Accident Rate Declined Since 1913?
Lewis A. DeBlois

Guaranteeing First Mortgage Real Estate Bonds
E. B. McConnell

Installment Note Guarantees by Surety Companies
Luther E. Mackall

Papers Presented May 25, 1928:

Discussion of Papers Read at Previous Meeting

Discussion of Papers Read at Previous Meeting from Number 30

Informal Discussion:

The Life Indemnity Clause in Personal Accident Policies

What Shall be the Future of Schedule Rating Workmen's Compensation Risks?

Review of Books and Publications

Review of Books and Publications (from Number 30)

Current Notes

Current Notes (from Number 30)

Legal Notes

Legal Notes (from Number 30)


Obituary (from Number 30)

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