Casualty Actuarial Society


Changes in CAS Publications

CAS members should have recently received in the mail the 2005 Proceedings of the CAS (blue hard-bound book) and the 2007 Yearbook/2006 Proceedings (black soft-cover book). The mailing represents an important transition in CAS publications, with the best part yet to come. After the 2005 issue, the Proceedings will no longer be the vehicle for publishing peer-reviewed research papers. Instead, a soft-cover semiannual journal will take its place.

Variance, the new CAS scientific journal, will continue to focus on high-quality, applied research in casualty actuarial science, as the Proceedings did. Although a practical focus will be maintained, publication of significant theoretical research will also be encouraged. Variance will get important papers in front of property-casualty actuaries faster. Actuaries and others worldwide are encouraged to publish in the journal and CAS membership is not a requirement for submitting papers.

The Proceedings will now be produced in combination with the CAS Yearbook. The new combined publication will include everything from the traditional Proceedings, except research papers. Addresses to new members, presidential addresses, minutes of meetings, financial reports, pictures of new members, and obituaries will be combined with the regular contents of the Yearbook. However, the new publication does not include a membership directory. A yearly hard copy Membership Directory will be available by request only to CAS members and others who purchase the new combined publication, though it is expected that members will opt to use the more current online directory through the CAS Web Site.