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VOL 45, NO 2- MARCH-APRIL 2018

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Inside this Issue

The SLR Factor: As sea levels rise, the flood risk equation changes.
By Annmarie Geddes Baribeau
Failure to factor in sea level rise is risky business. The evidence is irrefutable. The world's sea level is rising at the fastest rate in human history, threatening human lives and property.

The Actuarial Foundation Gives Back
By Holly Monahan
The Actuarial Foundation brings Hickman's words to life on a daily basis by providing programs and resources to improve math and financial knowledge for all.

Demand for P&C Actuaries Takes a Dramatic Upturn in Malaysia
By Brian Brown, Michael Chou, Bob Conger, and Wee Keat Kenny Tan
The Annual Joint P&C Actuarial Seminar in Malaysia on December 11-12 2017, was a great opportunity for us to visit our members and candidates in Kuala Lumpur, check in with the regulator and several universities, and generally update ourselves on insurance and actuarial market conditions in Malaysia.

President's' Message: Celebrating the Women of the CAS
By Brian Z. Brown
When we talk about the origins of the CAS, we often point with pride to the development of workers' compensation and its impact on society.

Editor's Note
Another Acronym
By Elizabeth Smith, AR Managing Director
Language is a fluid thing. New words are constantly being introduced into the vernacular. Think fintech and insurtech. We also live in a world of acronyms

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