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Winter 1999, Ratemaking Discussion Papers

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Table of Contents
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Ratemaking Discussion Papers

Workers' Compensation Managed Care Pricing Considerations
by Brian Z. Brown, FCAS, MAAA, and Lori Stoeberl, ACAS, MAAA

Something Old, Something New in Classification Ratemaking With a Novel Use of GLMs for Credit Insurance
by Keith D. Holler, FCAS, MAAA, ASA, ARM, David Sommer, FCAS, MAAA, and Geoff Trahair, BEc(Hons), FlAA, FIA

Evaluation of the Qualified Loss Management Program for Massachusetts Workers' Compensation
by Howard C. Mahler, FCAS, MAAA, and Carol A. Blomstrom, FCAS, MAAA

US. Earthquake Frequency Estimation-Ratemaking for Unusual Events
by Stuart B. Mathewson, FCAS, MAAA Data Management/Quality/Technology Call Papers

Implications of Dynamic Financial Analysis on Demutualization
by Jan Lommele, FCAS, MAAA, FCA, and Kevin Bingham, ACAS, MAAA

Y2K—A Regulatory Response
by Jose Montemayor, Betty Patterson, and Holmes Gwynn, FCAS, MAAA

On Hierarchy of Actuarial Objects: Data Processing from the Actuarial Point of View
Aleksey S. Popelyukhin, Ph.D

Watch Your TPA: A Practical Introduction to Actuarial Data Quality Management
Aleksey. S. Popelyukhin, Ph.D

Using Neural Networks to Predict Claim Duration in the Presence of Right Censoring and Covariates
by David B. Speights, Ph.D., Joel B. Brodsky, Ph.D., and Darya L. Chudova, M. S

Remittance Imaging atAllstate Insurance Company
by Lindsay F. Taylor A

The United States Postal Service's New Role: Territorial Ratemaking
by Geoffrey Werner, FCAS, MAAA

Insurance Data and Intellectual Property Issues
By Alan E. Wickman, ACAS

Additional Papers

Parameterizing The California Workers Compensation Experience Rating Plan: Development of Primary and Excess Credibilities & Translation into B and W Rating Values
by Ward M. Brooks, FCAS, MAAA

A Bayesian Approach to Negative Binomial Parameter Estimation
by Richard M. Duvall, Ph.D., CPCU

Random Effects Linear Statistical Models and Bühlmann-Straub Credibility
by Russell H. Greig Jr., FCAS, MAAA

A Note on the Paid Bornhuetter-Ferguson Loss Reserving Method: Recognizing Dependency on Case Reserves
by Bruce E. Ollodart, FCAS, MAAA

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