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1997 Discussion Papers on Data Management/Data Quality

1997 Discussion Paper Program Health Care Issues for Property/Casualty Insurers Including the Call Papers on Data Management/Data Quality

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Integration of Manager Care in Workers Compensation
Brian Z. Brown, FCAS, and Michael C. Schmitz, ACAS

Health Care Liability Exposure in Managed Care Organizations
Collin J. Suttie, ACAS

Identifying and Pricing Managed Care Errors and Omissions Exposures
Michael Sapnar, and Elizabeth A. Wellington, FCAS

An Introduction to Capitation and Health Care Provider Excess Insurance
Theresa W. Bourdon, FCAS, Keith Passwater, and Mark Priven, FCAS

1997 Call Paper Program on Data Management/Data Quality

Insurance Geographics
William M. Raichle, Ph. D.

Geocoding: Description and Uses
Randall E. Brubaker, FCAS and Robert Bylls

Synchronizing Data Management Technologies to Integrate Actuarial Processes
Omar D. Kouatly, Mark W. Littman, FCAS, and Aleksey S. Popelyukhin

Statistical Plans for Property/Casualty Insurers
Virginia R. Prevosto, FCAS

P/C Actuaries: Happy with Your Data
Richard Marr

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