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1982 Discussion Papers on Pricing, Underwriting and Managing the Large Risk

1982 Discussion Papers on Pricing, Underwriting and Managing the Large Risk

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Table of Contents
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A Capacity Management Model Based on Utility Theory
Dr. John M. Cozzolino and Naomi Baline Kleinman
Reviewed by
Richard G. Woll

Federal Income Taxation of Self-Insurance Techniques
Robert J. Finger

Reviewed by
Richard E. Sherman

Optimization of Excess Portfolios
Philip E. Heckman and Phillip N. Norton

Reviewed by
Lyle W. De Garmo

Physician Professional Liability Insurers
Allan Kaufman

Reviewed by
Charles C. Hewitt, Jr.

A Note on Evaluating Aggregate Retentions for Special Risks
Roy P. Livingston

Reviewed by
James J Kleinberg

Parameter Uncertainty in the Collective Risk Model
Glenn Meyers

Reviewed by
Roy K. Morell

Optimum Use of Insurance, Loss Prevention, Loss Reduction and Self Insurance
Martin Rosenberg

Reviewed by
Frederick O. Kist

Reinsuring the Captive/Specialty Company
Lee R. Steeneck

Reviewed by
Alan R. Sheppard

Transformation Beta and Gama Distributions and Aggregate Loss
Gary Venter

Reviewed by
Orin M. Linden

Focused Marketing for Large Accounts
Alfred O. Weller

Reviewed by
James A. Hall, III

Estimating Probable Maximum Loss with Order Statistics
Margaret E. Wilkinson

Reviewed by
Albert J. Beer

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