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1981 Discussion Paper Program on Inflation Implications for Property-Casualty Insurance

1981 Discussion Paper Program on Inflation Implications for Property-Casualty Insurance

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Table of Contents
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Inflation Sensitive Exposure Bases for General Liability Insurance
Richard S. Biondi and Kevin B. Thompson
Reviewed by
Janet R. Nelson

The Effect of Inflation on Losses and Premiums for Property-Liability Insurers
Robert P. Butsic
Reviewed by
Rafal J. Balcarek

A Strategy for Property-Liability Insurers in Inflationary Times
Stephen P. D'Arcy
Reviewed by
Roger C. Wade

Money, Credit & Federal Reserve Policy Changes
Robert P. Eramo
Reviewed by
Paul M. Otteson

Development of an Inflation Sensitive Exposure Base for Hospital Professional Liability Insurance
Glenn A. Evans and Stanley K. Miyao
Reviewed by
Brian E. Scott

Underwriting Cycles in the Property-Casualty Insurance Industry
Kaye D. James

Reviewed by
David Oakden

The Responsiveness of Automobile Trend Factors
Alan E. Kaliski

Reviewed by
John B. Conners

Unallocated Loss Adjustment Expense Reserves in an Inflationary Economic Environment
John Kittel

Reviewed by
Richard Bill

Property-Casualty Insurance Inflation Indexes: Communicating with the Public
Norton E. Masterson

Reviewed by
Richard I. Fein

Evaluating The Impact of Inflation on Loss Reserve
William F. Richards

Reviewed by
Richard G. Woll

Selection of the Optimum Asset Portfolio to Satisfy Cash Needs
Martin Rosenberg

Reviewed by
Donald E. Trudeau

Adjusting Size of Loss Distributions for Trend
Sheldon Rosenberg

Reviewed by
Charles F. Cook

Loss Reserving and Ratemaking in an Inflationary Environment
Larry D. Shatoff

Reviewed by
E. LeRoy Heer

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