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1979 Call Paper Program on Total Return Due a Property-Casualty Insurance Company

1979 Call Paper Program on Total Return Due a Property-Casualty Insurance Company

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Table of Contents
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Total Return Pricing in Property-Casualty Insurance: The Massachusetts System
Jeffery Brown
Reviewed by
Holmes M. Gwynn

A Constrained Profit Maximaization Model For a Multi-Line Property/Liability Company
Randall E. Brubaker
Reviewed by
Michael L. Toothman

Risk and Return For Property-Casualty Insurers
Robert P. Butsic
Reviewed by
James N. Stanard

An Illustration of the Impact of Inflation On Insurance Company Operations
Stephen P. D'Arcy
Reviewed by
James P. Streff

A Model For Calculating Minimum Surplus Requirements
Robert J. Finger
Reviewed by
Robert S. Miccolis

Measurements of Rates of Return For Casualty-Property Insurance Companies
Norton E. Masterson

Reviewed by
Robert A. Bailey

Underwriting Profits Necessary to Keep Pace with the Increasing Premium Growth For property-Casualty Companies
John H. Muetterties

Reviewed by
George E. Davis

Total Rate of Return and the Regulation of Insurance Profits
Irving H. Plotkin

Reviewed by
LeRoy J. Simon

Insurance Profitability: An Economic Perspective
Lee M. Smith

Reviewed by
Claus S. Metzner

Analysis of Return on Surplus Under Two Approaches For Including Investment Income in Ratemaking
James D. Stewart

Reviewed by
Kenneth R. Frohlich

Profit/Contingency Loadings and Surplus: Ruin and Return Implications
Gary G. Venter

Reviewed by
Lee R. Steeneck

Restatement of the Consideration of Investment Income in Workers' Compensation Insurance Ratemaking
Frank Harwayne

Reviewed by
David R. Bickerstaff

Basic Economic Theory For an Insurer's Rate of Return and For Its Regulation
John S. McGuinness

Reviewed by
Woody R. Beckman

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