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2000 Discussion Paper Program - Insurance in the Next Century

2000 Discussion Paper Program on Insurance in the Next Century

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Pricing for the Financial Risk of Uncollaterialized Deductible Policies
Robert F. Brown, ACAS, MAAA

Enterprise Risk Management: A Consultative Perspective
Edgar W. Davenport, FCAS, MAAA and L. Michelle Bradley, ACAS, MAAA, ARM

Portfolio Based Pricing of Residual Basis Risk with Application to the S&P 500 Put Options
Sergei Esipov and Dajiang Guo

Enterprise Technology Projects and the Role of the Actuary
Paul C. Martin, FCAS, MAAA and Charlie Coon

...Per Aspera: The Last Few Obstacles on the Way to Digital Paradise
Aleksey S. Popelyukhin, Ph.D.

Pricing Multiple Triggers - An Electifying Example
Lawrence M. Schober

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