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CAS Web Site News

by J. Michael Boa


The CAS Committee on Online Services (COOS) has redesigned the CAS Web Site to make the site more user-friendly and easier to navigate. COOS reviewed feedback submitted by CAS members over the past two years to develop a compact home page that emphasizes content. The improvements to the Web site include:

In addition to design improvements, two new online tools can help visitors find the information they seek. The Web site's search engine allows users to identify all pages on the Web site that contain certain words or phrases. Moreover, users can perform advanced searches by utilizing proximity operators. The section entitled "Online Help" contains a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page for Web site inquiries with tips for finding information on the CAS Web Site.

New Features

Along with the redesign, several new features have been added, the most noteworthy being Actuarial Job Openings. Companies seeking to fill actuarial positions have a new means to publicize their openings-they can now advertise their job opportunities on the CAS Web Site. The job openings are contained in a searchable database that allows users to search for jobs based on criteria such as title, location, and salary level.

The Students' Corner contains two new tools for candidates. The Exam Status Database allows candidates to verify the exams that they have passed. The Transition Rules Calculator allows candidates to indicate the examinations they have passed in the current exam system and then calculates how the exams will translate to the new exam system that will be implemented in 2000. In addition, the 1999 Syllabus of Examinations has just been posted to the Web site.

Other developments already in the works include adding the entire texts of the Proceedings since 1976 to the Download Library and forming an Online Exhibit Hall that will contain commercial advertisements for products and services.

The Committee on Online Services welcomes input and feedback on the CAS Web Site. If you wish to contribute any ideas or thoughts, send an E-mail to Israel Krakowski, COOS Chairperson, at