Actuarial Review

Volume 24, No. 4 / November 1997
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The Actuarial Review is the quarterly newsletter of the Casualty Actuarial Society

C.K. "Stan" Khury

Managing Editor:
Walter C. Wright III

Editor Emeritus:
Matthew Rodermund

Copy Editor:
J. Parker Boone

Headline Editor:
Daniel F. Kligman

Associate Editor:
Paul E. Lacko

Stephen W. Philbrick

John P. Robertson

News Editor:
Robert Wolf

Publications Production Editor:
Elizabeth Smith

Walters Becomes President; Lehmann Chosen for President-Elect
Class of 1947 Celebrates Fifty Years as Fellows
1997-98 Wooddy Scholarships Awarded
Actuaries Abroad
CAS Board of Directors Appoints New Member of Executive Council
Pitches and Hits Increase at the CAS Web Site
AERF Sponsors Grants Competition
International Accounting Standards for Insurance: A Work in Progress
In memoriam
AR Readers Give Newsletter "Thumbs Up"
Feedback on the “Report of the CAS Task Force on Education”
Narayan and Warthen Win CLRS Prize
Faculty Positions Available
Observations from Down Under

From the President: No Tennis for this Racket
Editorial: The Actuarial Peace Pipe
From the Readers
Random Sampler: What's In a Name? In Defense of the Prophet
CAS Continuing Education Calendar
Non-Actuarial Pursuits of Casualty Actuaries
How DFA Can Help the Property/Casualty Industry, Part 4
The Ethical Issues Forum: A Case For The ABCD?
It's a Puzzlement - Light Bulbs and More Unsolved Problems in Number Theory
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