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The Actuarial Peace Pipe

by C.K. "Stan" Khury

In the May edition of AR, the coincidental combination of an editorial, an article by the President, a letter to the editor, and a "public" letter to the CAS Board combined to create a picture that stirred something of a firestorm. Subsequent events followed quickly:

Reflecting on these developments, it is difficult to miss the genuine goodwill that seems to have emerged out of all the commotion and conflict. It is clear that a peace pipe has been lit and is being passed around. With such good vibrations permeating the air, it is good to remember that lighting a peace pipe is merely an indication of intentions. In the months and years ahead, each of us can play an active role to ensure that the conciliatory gestures actually take life. This is a challenge to both the CAS and the SOA. Genuine cooperation can serve as a potent basis for many great accomplishments of the profession.

In the meantime, letters continue to arrive on the subject. A couple of years ago, these pages questioned whether actuaries are inherently apathetic. After the experience of the past six months, we can safely say that the answer is an unambiguous "NO."