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Sandilya Recognized as Member of Irish Actuarial Society

CAS Fellow Manalur Sandilya is the first person to obtain membership of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland (SAI) under the mutual recognition protocol. Sandilya is a corporate actuary with Max Re Europe Ltd. in Dublin. Among his many CAS activities, Sandilya currently serves as the CAS Syllabus chairperson.

In early 2005, the SAI Council ruled that CAS Fellows are eligible for Fellow membership of the SAI, subject to their having at least three years' recent appropriate practical experience, including at least one year's experience in the Republic of Ireland.

In addition to the experience requirement, in keeping with SAI's standard requirements for recognition, CAS Fellows applying for SAI Fellow membership will be required to:

  • attest that they wish to pursue actively the profession of actuary in Ireland or to advise on Irish business;
  • successfully complete the courses and professional development requirements prescribed by the SAI from time to time; and
  • disclose to the SAI any public disciplinary sanctions that have been imposed against them by any actuarial organization of which they are a member.

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