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CAS Recognizes Members Going "Above and Beyond Achievement"

The Above and Beyond Achievement Award (ABAA) celebrates the spirit of volunteerism by recognizing one or more CAS members each year who have made recent contributions that are conspicuously above and beyond what is normally and reasonably expected. The CAS awarded the 2005 ABAA to David Menning, Kristine Kuzora, Jerome Vogel, and Michael Wacek.

During the past two years, David Menning has been highly effective in leading the CAS joint efforts with the SOA and CIA to implement computer-based testing (CBT) for Exam 1. During late 2003-early 2004, Menning chaired the joint CAS/SOA/CIA Computer-Based Testing Task Force, which researched the CBT issue and put together a proposal for implementing CBT for Exam 1. Menning presented the task force recommendation to the CAS Board in May 2004 and received approval to move forward with implementation. After getting similar approvals from the SOA and CIA, Menning has been largely responsible (as chair of the Exam 1 Committee) for ensuring that the project remains on track and leading the volunteer effort, which involved significant coordination among CAS, SOA, and CIA volunteers and staffs, as well as coordination with the CBT vendor. Menning also led the volunteer committee to double their production of exam questions in a short period of time in order to build the question bank to a sufficient size to support CBT.

Kristine Kuzora is a volunteer on the Research Paper Classifier Project. Volunteers on the project were asked to classify 25 articles in 60 days. The majority of the volunteers classified between 25 and 40 abstracts. Kuzora, who has been working on the committee since February 2005, has classified over 600 abstracts with the new CAS Research Taxonomy as of July 2005. Of the 4,200 abstracts needing to be classified, Kuzora classified 14 percent. Kuzora's significantly exceeds the amount of work asked of volunteers for the project. She maintains her commitment to the project as she continues her work classifying.

The CAS honors Jerome Vogel, another prolific volunteer for the Research Paper Classifier Project. Vogel has worked on the committee since July 2004 and has classified over 500 abstracts, or 13 percent of the 4,200 abstracts needing classification. Like Kuzora, Vogel is continuing to work on the project and far exceeds the level of volunteer commitment to the undertaking.

Michael Wacek is honored this year for his work chairing the CAS Working Party on Risk Transfer Testing. Responding to a very important current topic for the industry, Wacek assembled the working party and produced a thorough, high-quality research paper that has been well received. The paper was produced in just one-month's time and distributed to the CAS membership on August 1, 2005, an undertaking that could not have been accomplished without Wacek's dedication, hard work, leadership, and organizational skills.

The ABAAs will be presented at the 2005 CAS Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland.

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