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Board Discussion on Classes of Membership Continues

Niagara Falls, Ont., Canada—The question of how many classes of membership are appropriate for the CAS was again the focus of much discussion and debate when the CAS Board of Directors met here on September 9-10, 2004.

Following up on the discussion held during the May 2004 board meeting, Shelly Rosenberg, chairperson of the Task Force on Classes of Membership, attended the meeting to present an updated report. Since the previous meeting, there had been several information-gathering initiatives, including the first survey of the new Member Advisory Panel.

The extensive discussion resulted in a series of board resolutions. First, the board instructed the CAS Executive Council to establish a task force to propose within the next year a set of learning objectives by which Fellowship be attained:

As part of its resolution, the board expressed its sense that this can be accomplished in eight exams (or seven exams with a workshop or seminar).

The board further resolved to inform the CAS membership of the foregoing action, with an indication that the board supports a move to an eventual single class of credentialed membership, with no more new Associates, concurrent with the movement to a shorter syllabus; and will seek membership reaction to this plan. (The then-current Associates would either complete their remaining exams and become Fellows, or remain Associates permanently.)

The board also resolved to postpone further action on the ACAS vote, pending resolution of the classes of membership issue. Finally, the board disbanded the Classes of Membership Task Force with its thanks for the excellent work on a difficult topic. In addition to chairperson Rosenberg, members of the task force included Linda K. Brobeck, Joseph A. Herbers, Janet S. Katz, J. Gary LaRose, Kevin M. Madigan, Ellen K. Pierce, and Oakley E. Van Slyke.

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