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CAS Honors Members Going "Above and Beyond Achievement"

The Above and Beyond Achievement Award (ABAA) celebrates the spirit of volunteerism by recognizing one or more CAS members each year who have made recent contributions that are conspicuously above and beyond what is normally and reasonably expected.

The CAS awarded the 2004 ABAA to Ralph S. Blanchard III, Kevin G. Dickson and, posthumously, to Stuart Suchoff.

Ralph Blanchard is recognized for his work heading up the IAA Response Coordination Committee, which reviews International Actuarial Association (IAA) statements and recommends actions to the CAS Board of Directors. Blanchard also organized and oversaw the fair value research project, which culminated in the publication Fair Value of P&C Liabilities: Practical Implications. Blanchard's work included reviewing RFPs, notifying the proposal winners, tracking progress, reviewing drafts, and arranging presentations to the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.

Kevin Dickson is acknowledged for his work as a member of the CAS Enterprise Risk Management Committee. Dickson took the lead in setting up the program and logistics for the 2004 ERM Symposium, held this spring in Chicago. Dickson's work was particularly challenging as the symposium was moved up three months earlier than previously scheduled. Dickson also coordinated the efforts of the other sponsoring organizations: Society of Actuaries, Professional Risk Managers' International Association, and Georgia State University's Bowles Symposium. Dickson personally recruited several speakers and resolved different organizational approaches to logistics. That the ERM Symposium was a tremendous success was due in large part to Dickson's efforts.

Stuart Suchoff is honored for his numerous contributions to the CAS as well as his leadership on an American Academy of Actuaries (AAA) task force. Suchoff served on several CAS committees, including as member, vice chair, and chair of the CAS Program Planning Committee. He served on the External Communications Committee and was chair of the Reserves Committee. He was also a University Liaison. Most recently, Suchoff became chair of the AAA Risk-Based Capital Task Force, despite his contention that the topic was out of his "comfort zone." Suchoff accepted the challenge to provide leadership to the group. One person nominating Suchoff wrote: "His dedication, focus, and clear vision of what needed to be done and how to go about doing it made it a pleasure to work with him and for him." Suchoff died August 5, 2004.

The ABAAs will be presented at the CAS Annual Meeting this month.

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