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ASTIN Bulletin Online

The CAS Committee on Online Services has recently completed a project to add the entire collection of the ASTIN Bulletin to the CAS Web Site's Download Library. Individual articles and entire volumes of the nearly 70 issues of the collection are available for download in PDF format at

The Bulletin is published by ASTIN (Actuarial Studies In Non-life insurance), which is a section of the International Actuarial Association. The Bulletin publishes papers written from any quantitative point of view—actuarial, econometric, engineering, mathematical, and statistical—attacking theoretical and applied problems in any field faced with elements of risk and insurance. The Bulletin especially welcomes papers opening up new areas of interest to the international actuarial profession.

"The addition of the ASTIN Bulletin is part of our push to make the Download Library as comprehensive as possible," said Israel Krakowski, who chairs the Committee on Online Services. "We encourage suggestions from the membership for further additions to the library."

The Download Library of the CAS Web Site is the most complete collection of nonlife insurance research literature available online. In addition to the ASTIN Bulletin, the virtual library contains volumes of the Proceedings of the Casualty Actuarial Society, CAS Forum, and CAS Discussion Paper Program. Papers accepted for publication in the Proceedings but not yet printed are also available, as are results of committee research projects, meeting and seminar handouts, and downloadable programs, spreadsheets, and workbooks.