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VFIC Seeks Input

The Valuation, Finance, and Investment Committee (VFIC) is undertaking a project whose goal is to provide the CAS membership assistance in their day-to-day work. This project includes:

1. Identifying accounting and financial reporting rules that are considered unclear (that is, how to comply is not clear).

2. Developing appropriate materials and providing them to the CAS membership. The materials developed will depend on the specifics but will likely include written explanatory materials (brief paper on how to) and/or spreadsheets demonstrating an actual application.

As a first step, VFIC is asking the CAS membership to provide suggestions of such rules. VFIC's focus is on rules related to valuation, finance, and investment. Input should include clear identification of the rule/regulation, a brief explanation of what is unclear about the rule, and what assistance (a paper, spreadsheet, other) is desired.

Members can provide input by completing the online form at, by sending an e-mail to, Attn.: VFIC, or via fax to (703) 276-3108.