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Annual Meeing Webcast Is a Hit!
(Or 494 Hits To Be Exact!)

by Tiffany Kirk, CAS Web Site Developer

For the first time ever, portions of the Annual Meeting were Webcast live on the CAS Web Site. On November 11, the CAS Webcasted the business meeting and first general session from its Boston meeting venue. The files were then archived and viewable for one month following the meeting.

According to Web site reports, the live stream was requested 494 times. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Viewers felt the Webcast was a wonderful opportunity to "virtually" attend the Annual Meeting, allowing them to be a part of the meeting while working at their desks. In lieu of being there in person, several friends and relatives of new CAS Fellows were able to watch the graduation ceremony.

While most comments were positive, there were some concerns over the quality of the Webcast, particularly the audio feed. The Committee on Online Services (COOS) is investigating ways to improve the audio quality for future Webcasts. However, one member's concern has stumped COOS: "Only one problem—no one provided coffee to me during the break!" Watch the CAS Web Site for portions of the 2003 Spring Meeting in Marco Island, Florida!

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