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CAS Publications to Undergo Changes    Curtis Gary Dean, Chairperson, CAS Publications Implementation Task Force—CAS volunteers and staff are working to update our publications to meets the needs of an expanding casualty actuarial profession.  Continued...

The CAS as an ERM Role Model    Stephen. P. D'Arcy, CAS President—The first company to offer dental insurance as an employee benefit was a dental supply company. This was not done because its employees had especially bad teeth, or because its workers were clamoring for better dental hygiene. It was a strategic business decision.  Continued...

Risk Management Research Imperatives    Donald F. Mango-The actuarial profession is aligning itself towards enterprise risk management (ERM), both in North America and around the world. This is unquestionably the right way to proceed, for ERM is not a fad, but the emerging science of a well-run company.  Continued...

Time's Running Out!    If you're planning to attend the CLRS or Special Interest Seminar on Predictive Modeling, be sure to reserve your hotel room soon, as the deadline for reservations are quickly approaching. See the brochure links above for more information  

The Actuarial Foundation Highlights Accomplishments   Paul Braithwaite, CAS President—Elect-Representatives of the Actuarial Foundation (TAF) were in attendance at the 2005 CAS Spring Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, to speak about the good work and many success stories of Foundation initiatives over the past year.  Continued...

The CAS Office is Moving
CAS Moving Van The CAS Office is relocating a few blocks from its current location in Arlington, Virginia. It is anticipated that the move will take place in early December 2005. The move will not affect the Fall exam registration or administration. Details will be provided on the CAS Web Site as the move date draws near.

Institute of Actuaries President Michael A. Pompery, CAS President Stephen P. D'Arcy, Immediate Past President Mary Frances Miller, Faculty of Actuaries President Harvie W. Brown
The signing ceremony for the mutual recognition agreements with the Casualty Actuarial Society took place at the Institute of Actuaries (IAA) meetings held in Rome in June 2005. Pictured are IAA President Michael A. Pomery, CAS President Stephen P. D'Arcy, CAS Immediate Past President Mary Frances Miller, and Faculty of Actuaries President Harvie W. Brown. Miller was instrumental in setting up the agreements.

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