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Call for Volunteers: Micro-Learning Task Force

04/09/2018 —

Background: The CAS would is in the process of developing micro-learning media: short (seconds to no more than 15 minutes), self-contained, learner-driven, revolving around very specific content. Professional societies and membership organizations are always considering new ways to provide continuing education to their members. Studies have shown that in addition to traditional methods of learning, members desire shorter, low-cost, and often member-driven education. There has been an increased desire to consume education during breaks in a work day or find opportunities that can be easily accessed to quickly address a problem or answer questions.

Task Force: The CAS is looking for 5-7 volunteers to be a part of this new education venture and assist with brainstorming topics, and develop micro-learning content. Desired individuals should have volunteer experience in program planning and/or be familiar with personal/professional online courses (whether web-based, video or webinar). The task force will develop a prototype for testing with the CAS membership within 4-6 months. The task force will work with staff to develop and outline micro-learning content, find subject matter experts if needed, and develop the content to be distributed in the University of CAS.

The estimated time commitment is 20 hours over 4-6 months. The task force will meet approximately 1-2 times a month via teleconference and have other relevant discussion via email.

If you are interested in joining this task force, please contact Nora Potter ( at the CAS.

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