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CAS Continues to Expand Use of Integrative Questions on Spring 2018 Exams

03/16/2018 —

As announced in the December 2016 issue of Future Fellows, the CAS is gradually moving towards an integrative testing framework. Integrative Questions (IQs) will require candidates to understand multiple facets of the syllabus material and concepts in addressing complex business problems in a single exam question.

IQs were first introduced in Spring 2017 on Exam 9.  The next exam to feature an IQ was  Exam 8 in Fall 2017.

Exam 7 will be the next exam to feature an IQ. To assist Exam 7 candidates with preparing to answer an IQ for the first time, we are releasing a sample IQ and corresponding response. Sample IQs and responses were previously released for Exam 8 and Exam 9.

As you will note from the sample, IQs will differ from a typical exam question in three significant ways.

  • An IQ will be worth more points. One IQ could be worth 10-15% of the total exam.
  • Each IQ will require candidates to draw from multiple syllabus learning objectives in order to answer the question.
  • IQs will test at a higher average Bloom’s Taxonomy level than a standard exam question.

It should be noted that while the sample was constructed in parallel with the IQ that will appear on the exam, it may not be structured in the same manner nor cover the same learning objectives as the actual exam question. It is advised that candidates use the example to validate preparation and identify potential areas for improvement after completing the majority of their study, rather than using it during their initial study as one might use textbook exercises.

Exams 7, 8, and 9 will continue to include IQs in future sittings, and the number of IQs that will appear on the exams will gradually increase over time. For example, after introducing one IQ on Exam 9 in Spring 2017, the next offering of Exam 9 in Spring 2018 will include more than one IQ. At the same time, there will be fewer exam questions overall to account for the presence of IQs in order to avoid any increase in the time length of the exam. There will be no change to the normal grading process, as described in the Syllabus, for IQs.

While we will be releasing no further information or responding to specific questions regarding the Exam 8 example, general questions or feedback about IQs can be submitted to the Candidate Liaison Committee via the form on the CAS website

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