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Volunteers Needed for Communities of Interest Research Initiatives

01/24/2018 —

Background: As the CAS undertakes new research initiatives, some ideas do not necessarily originate from current research committees. Some committee volunteers may desire only to participate in certain topical areas that better reflect their areas of interest and expertise that might not be addressed within the committee but still would like to be in the communication loop.

Communities of interest are meant to provide an additional opportunity for topic-specific, ad hoc engagement of volunteers outside the formal committee structure. These will allow CAS members to indicate interest in a broad area of responsibility, e.g. predictive modeling or health care, while allowing smaller groups within the communities of interest to tackle particular research challenges for a short period of time with the expectation of a final report or presentation.

Communities of interest will allow ongoing, real-time dialogue and specific projects may be undertaken at any time without requiring attendance at meetings or seminars to form the working parties.

Purpose: Communities of Interest are formed in broad or narrow areas of research, led by an active CAS member moderator, the broader the subject area, the larger the community is likely to be. The moderator will be in frequent email or online communication (through the CAS Online Community service) with community members to encourage discussion on a variety of topics and then, if particular challenges are raised that may require further research, to encourage initiation of research projects that may result in formal research reports or topical sessions at CAS seminars or meetings. The communities of interest could also disseminate research, collect information on research from other organizations, provide speakers/content for webinars and other professional education, allow for networking, and be a venue for sharing of ideas/challenges/questions.

Volunteers needed: The CAS would like to pilot two new research communities of interest:

  • Predictive Modeling
  • Health Care

The community members themselves led by a community moderator will determine the particular topics within these two broad categories to discuss. The goals being to explore and disseminate research.

The ideal community volunteer will be one who is experienced in either of these categories, can set aside the time to communicate electronically with others (it could be from 2 to 10  hours a month), is interested in research, and is willing to lead certain research initiatives within the community, as appropriate. This does not necessarily mean undertaking research themselves but could be new call paper programs, funded research, literature searches, etc.

For a community of interest to begin, one of the volunteers needs to be the community moderator to initiate conversations, guide discussions and encourage smaller groups to address particular research opportunities to focus on a specific deliverable.

If interested, please fill out a brief survey expressing your desired community of interest, as well as any relevant research experience you may have (link: Please reply by February 28. For more information, contact Dave Core, Director of Professional Education and Research at

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