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Top CAS News Articles of 2017

01/03/2018 —

Here's a look at the 15 most popular stories from the CAS website and weekly e-newsletter over the past year.

  1. Creation of Modern Actuarial Statistics Exams
    CAS Announces Creation of Modern Actuarial Statistics Exams
    An announcement about revisions to the CAS’s credentialing requirements – the creation of two new exams called Modern Actuarial Statistics I and II (MAS-I and MAS-II) – was the most-clicked CAS news article in 2017.
  2. Annual Meeting Logo
    CAS Annual Meeting Moving to New Location
    The CAS announced that the 2017 CAS Annual Meeting scheduled to be held in Austin, Texas had to be moved due to issues with the meeting venue. The CAS later announced that Anaheim, California was selected as the replacement site.
  3. TBE Logo
    CAS Initiates Technology-Based Examination
    In a big year for exam-related news, the CAS announced a number of major changes to its credentialing program, including that CAS is transitioning its exams to a computer-based environment called Technology-Based Examination (TBE). The introduction of integrative questions and changes to how exam results are released were also note-worthy.
  4. Fellow on Jeopardy
    CAS Fellow to Appear on ‘Jeopardy!’
    News about the accomplishments of individual CAS members dot the top 15 most popular articles list, with the announcement that Tricia Floyd, FCAS would appear as a contestant on ‘Jeopardy’ leading the way.

  5. Open Letter Exam Situation
    Open Letter Regarding Spring 2017 CAS Exam Sitting Situation
    Three of the top five most popular articles from the year dealt with exams, including the unfortunate situation explained in this open letter that FedEx lost a shipment of eight completed exams from the Part 6U sitting. An update on the situation informed members and candidates of the final resolution of the situation.
  6. Brian Duperreault
    CAS Member Named CEO Of AIG
    As CAS President Nancy Braithwaite shared in this announcement about Brian Duperreault, ACAS, “Brian is a testament to all CAS members that our actuarial education and contributions as actuaries can serve as a springboard to achieving executive-level positions within our companies.”

  8. 2017 Election Results
    Results of 2017 CAS Election
    The introduction of candidates for the CAS President-Elect and Board of Directors position and the results of the annual CAS elections are always of interest to the membership. In addition, the introduction of Brian Z. Brown as CAS President was a popular story.
  9. Strategic Plan Infographic
    CAS Adopts New Strategic Plan
    The CAS announced the adoption of a revised CAS Strategic Plan in 2017, which generated much interest in plans for the organization’s continued growth and success over the next five years.

  10. CAS institute logo
    First Recipients of Certified Specialist in Predictive Analytics (CSPA) Credential Honored at 2017 RPM Seminar
    2017 was a big year for The CAS Institute, which announced that 32 predictive analytics professionals were the first to be awarded the CSPA credential.

  12. NAIC Checklist
    Results of NAIC Study of CAS Credentials and Qualifications
    The CAS shared a letter to CAS President Nancy Braithwaite from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), which affirmed that CAS Fellows and Associates meet the minimum educational standards to be considered “Qualified Actuaries” and therefore are able to sign NAIC P&C Statements of Actuarial Opinion. The affirmation resulted from a study commissioned by the NAIC in 2016 in which a third party consultant assessed the CAS’s credentialing program.
  13. ACI Index
    CBS News Interviews CAS Fellow on Effects of Climate Change
    CBS MoneyWatch interviewed Doug Collins, FCAS, on climate trends in drought, wind and heat and their potential to impact situations such as wildfires in California, providing an opportunity to highlight the Actuaries Climate Index.
  14. Travel time
    CAS Releases the 2016 CAS Travel Time Analysis Infographic
    “Travel time” – the term used by the CAS to denote the number of years it takes a candidate to achieve CAS designations (ACAS or FCAS) – was presented through an infographic in this popular web piece.
  15. CAS Past President and Oldest Living Member Pass Away
    The CAS shared news of the passing of two prominent CAS members: John J. Kollar, FCAS, who served as President of the CAS and two terms on both the Board of Directors and Executive Council; and John (Bill) W. Wieder, Jr., who had been the oldest surviving Fellow of the CAS (FCAS 1947).
  16. Loren Nickel
    CAS Fellow Honored as 2017 Risk Manager of the Year
    The CAS was proud to share the news that Loren Nickel, FCAS, Director of Business Risk and Insurance at Google, was recognized as the 2017 Risk Manager of the Year by RIMS, the risk management society.

  18. Alice Underwood
    Alice Underwood, FCAS, Named “Woman to Watch” by Business Insurance
    The CAS also proudly announced that Business Insurance included Alice Underwood, FCAS, on its 2017 list of “Women to Watch.” The list recognizes women leaders doing outstanding work in risk management and commercial insurance.

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