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CAS Announces New Strategic Plan

01/04/2013 —

The Strategic Plan is organized around six specific areas

Dear CAS Members and Candidates:

As the CAS prepares to celebrate our centennial in 2014, we find ourselves in a rapidly changing environment with an evolving membership working in a dynamic marketplace. Now, more than ever, it is important to articulate a long-range strategic vision for our organization that will chart our course through our 100-year anniversary and beyond.

Over the past year, the CAS Board of Directors has held a series of strategic planning meetings that focused on examining our core purpose and values, envisioning a future that realizes the full potential of the CAS and its members, and outlining goals that will move the CAS towards the realization of our vision. In addition, the 2012 CAS Leadership Meeting of the Executive Council, committee chairs and vice chairs, and CAS staff provided critical input at the operational level on the direction that was emerging from the Board's strategic planning process.

The new CAS Strategic Plan, adopted by the Board of Directors at its November 2012 meeting, sets the direction for the CAS's continued growth and success and represents a compass that will guide our work over the next five years.

In developing the plan, the Board concluded that our Centennial Goal, which has served so well in guiding our activities over the past decade, continues to provide a framework for leading us into the future. Thus, in pursuing our strategies, we will continue with a collaborative approach, working with other organizations to advance the practice of casualty actuarial science globally. However, recognizing that the environment in which we operate is different from that which existed at the time the Centennial Goal was developed, we will be vigilant in educating all of our stakeholders as to the value of the CAS credentials.

The Strategic Plan is organized around six specific areas in the CAS that provide a strong foundation to advance our work. These areas include basic education, continuing education, influence and outreach, research, professionalism, and member community.

Along with the plan, the Board adopted a planning process that calls for the plan to be reviewed annually, with its provisions assessed against emerging issues faced by the CAS and its members. For this reason, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the plan and provide feedback to the Board about issues you encounter in your practice environment that may affect the future of the CAS and its members. In addition, if you see a goal in the plan that you would like to help the CAS achieve, we encourage you to reach out through the CAS office, as we welcome your participation in achieving our vision.

In releasing this plan, the CAS is declaring to its stakeholders and strategic partners that it is our intention to lead and inspire the worldwide casualty actuarial profession to meet the demands of our industry not only today, but for years to come.

We don't yet know what surprises 2013 might hold for the CAS and our members. But with our renewed work plan of strategies to achieve our envisioned future, along with your continued commitment and contributions to the success of the CAS, I am confident that we are poised to meet any challenge.


Gary R. Josephson
CAS President

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