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09/15/2011 —

New BAA website
The CAS and SOA Joint Committees on Career Encouragement and Actuarial Diversity are pleased to announce the launch of the new website! The committee members and staff worked with an outside consultant to bring a fresh new look and approach to the website, which was last redesigned in 2003. The site was originally launched in 1999.

Be An has been enhanced with many new features including:

  • An interactive home page feature called “How Actuaries See the World.”
  • The use of video, including a video featured right on the home page.
  • An elegant, clean, modern, and attractive design.
  • User-friendly navigation, with drop down menus for quick access to important content.
  • Updated tool-kits for both educators and actuaries giving presentations about the career.
  • Links to new BeAnActuary social media pages.

These features are in addition to the wealth of information already available on the site such as an overview of the examination process and guidance for finding an entry-level actuarial job. During the redesign process, all of the content was subjected to a comprehensive review – every web page was examined and updated or completely rewritten as needed.

Please visit and explore the new website at, and forward the address to anyone you know who may be interested in an actuarial career. Comments or questions on the site may be sent to

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