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Help Locate CAS Members!

08/31/2011 —

The CAS has lost contact with the following members. If anyone knows of the whereabouts of or how to contact these members, please contact the Actuaries' Resource Center at

Kitty Bao
Brian Douglas Bender
Jennifer Elizabeth Clark
Steven L. Colin
Michael Anthony Garcia
Daniel F. Gogol
Brian Michael Lubeck
John P. Ryan
Christopher J. Wachter
Frank T. White
Jill C. Willie
Mary E. Wills
Meng Yan
Kerry F. Allison
Angelina Marie Anliker
Gary C.K. Cheung
Karrie L. Fjelland
Robb W. Luck
Russell K. Nash
Kathleen C. Nomicos
Andrew T. Rippert
Douglas S. Rivenburgh
David L. Wasserman
Jamie M. Weber

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