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Attendees Determine the Best Session at the 2011 Ratemaking and Product Management Seminar

05/04/2011 —

What is…Professionalism? was determined to be the “Best Session” at the recent 2011 Ratemaking and Product Management (RPM) Seminar, held March 20-22 at the Marriott New Orleans, New Orleans, LA. Peter Royek, Toa Reinsurance Company of America, Dan Tevet, Insurance Services Office, Inc., Melanie Ostiguy, ACE Tempest Re, and Mark Phillips, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, will receive a $125 American Express gift card for their efforts in producing a top-notch educational session at the seminar.

If you could not attend the RPM Seminar, or if you attended the Seminar and missed some sessions, there are a handful of sessions now available through the University of CAS. Access to sessions is free for attendees; non-attendees can purchase individual sessions for $25 per session or $149 for all of the RPM sessions. Visit the University of CAS for more details.

The 2011 winner of the Ratemaking Prize was also announced at the RPM Seminar. The award is made to the author(s) of the best paper submitted in response to a call for papers regarding ratemaking, whenever the program is conducted by the CAS Committee on Ratemaking. Papers are judged by a specially appointed review committee on the basis of originality of ideas, understandability of complex concepts, contribution to the ratemaking literature, thoroughness of ideas expressed, and timeliness and relevance of research. The 2011 winner is Fred Klinker for his paper “Generalized Linear Mixed Models for Ratemaking: A Means of Introducing Credibility into a Generalized Linear Model Setting”. The paper is available in the 2011 Winter E-Forum, Volume 2.

Finally, the winner of the 2011 RPM Seminar Exhibitor Raffle is Jerry Dorcz. Mr. Dorcz visited each of the RPM Seminar table-top exhibits, spoke with the exhibitors and had them initial his raffle form, and submitted the form by the conclusion of the Seminar. Mr. Dorcz received a $250 American Express gift card as the winner of the raffle.

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