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ASTIN/AFIR 2011 Registration Reminder

03/01/2011 —

The ASTIN and AFIR sections of the International Actuarial Association are holding their annual colloquia jointly in Madrid, Spain on June 19-22, 2011.

Invited Keynote Speakers include Paul Embrechts (ETH Zurich) “Risk aggregation,” Jean Lemaire (Wharton School, U Pennsylvania “Impact of culture and political risk on non-life insurance,” Jose Maria Sarabia (U Cantabri) “Enriching a Family of Distributions for Applications in Insurance,” Alejandro Balbás (U Carlos III de Madrid) “Risk measures and the role of derivatives in risk minimization.” Other invited speakers include Jean Berthon, Martin Bradley, David Ingram, David Wilkie and Pierre Devolder. In addition, there will be presentations of many submitted papers.

Harry Panjer (Canada), the Chairman of ASTIN, and Eris Thorlacius (USA), the Chairman of AFIR, invite you to this exciting conference with plenty of CPD content for actuaries in the areas of non-life insurance, financial risk, and enterprise risk management.

Registration and accommodation information is available at and at

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