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Volunteer for the New Michelbacher Significant Achievement Award Committee

05/01/2010 —

The CAS is implementing a new Research Prize - the Michelbacher Significant Achievement Award – and is looking for volunteers to join the prize committee.

The Michelbacher Significant Achievement Award will recognize a significant achievement that has fundamentally advanced casualty actuarial science. This could be based on a single contribution or a lifetime body of work. This award could be shared by two or more professionals, if appropriate. The prizewinner will be awarded a sum of $10,000.

This project is in the very early stages but, in order to get the award process started, we need volunteers! We are looking to form a committee that will create and oversee a process to choose winners. This will likely be an annual award so it will be important to have a clear process in place.

Find more information on CAS Prizes and Awards.

We are looking for people with ideas. If this project sounds exciting and you are interested in volunteering or have questions, please contact Cheri Widowski at

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