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CAS Volunteers Needed for GIRO Working Parties

12/01/2009 —

The CAS and GIRO (General Insurance Research Organization in the United Kingdom) are seeking volunteers for GIRO working parties.

GIRO working parties are organized around a specific research topic and typically exist for a one year time period. During that time, research is conducted and the results reported in a paper that is presented at the GIRO annual meeting in October.

The topics for this year’s working parties range from "Are Actuaries Cautious" to "Outwitting the Fraudsters." One of the working parties will work on a joint survey on ratemaking that will be coordinated with CAS, GIRO, and the Institute of Actuaries in Australia.

Information on this year's working parties can be found on the UK Actuarial Profession web site.

To volunteer for a working party, send an email to the attention of Louise Francis at

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