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09-16-12 Workers Compensation Insurers and Actuaries Need to Prepare for Impact of Healthcare Reform
09-08-12 Managing Climate Change Risk is Growing Priority for Insurers and Actuaries
09-08-12 New Regime of Solvency Regulation will Impact Insurers and Actuaries
09-23-11 Roger Hayne Begins Term as President of CAS; Ralph Blanchard is New President-Elect
09-19-11 CERA: Treaty Launches New Risk Management Credential Globally
09-13-10 Reserving for Mortgage Insurance in Stressed Real Estate Market may Require Casualty Actuaries to Adjust their Approaches
09-01-10 Medical Malpractice Market Appears to have Stabilized, but Emerging Issues Pose New Challenges, Actuaries are Told
09-09-09 Casualty Actuarial Society Reaches 5,000 Members
09-11-06 Uncertain Direction of Insurance Market Calls for Expertise of Actuaries
09-11-06 Actuaries Examine Lessons Learned from the Financial Crisis
09-03-06 Actuaries have Crucial Role to Play in Helping Insurers Deal with Climate Change
09-02-06 Property/Casualty Insurers Applying Lessons Learned From Hurricane Katrina
09-28-05 Demographic Shifts Present Actuaries with Challenges and Opportunities
09-14-05 Survey of Actuaries and Corporate Risk Experts Shows No Clear Shift with Businesses’ Approach to Risk
09-12-05 Property/Casualty Insurers Show Resiliency in Midst of Financial Crisis
09-15-04 Financial Crisis Fuels Discussion on Future of Insurance Regulation
09-02-04 Economic Downturn Expected to have Mixed Impact on Workers Compensation Insurance Market
09-02-04 Actuaries Should Explore Alternative Approaches to Data Mining as Part of Predictive Modeling Process
09-26-02 CAS Ratemaking and Product Management Seminar to be held March 9-11 in Las Vegas