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07-19-12 Proposed Federal Regulation of Insurance Hotly Debated at CAS Annual Meeting
07-19-12 Slowing Premium Growth Could Adversely Impact Results of Property Casualty Insurers, CAS Meeting Told
07-19-12 New Products can Help Insurers Underwrite and Price for Winter Storms and Fires, Actuaries are Told
07-19-11 Christopher Carlson Begins Term as President of CAS; John Kollar is new President-Elect
07-13-11 Data Mining Tools Utilized Correctly can Achieve Breakthrough Results, CAS is Told
07-13-11 Actuaries have Special Role to Play in Explaining Assocation of Credit Scores and Insurance Losses
07-29-10 Factors Influencing the Current Insurance Market to be Explored at CAS Annual Meeting, November 11-14 in Chicago
07-10-10 Renewing TRIA Poses Significant Actuarial and Political Issues, While Extreme Events Pose Special Challenges to Reserving Actuaries
07-10-10 Actuaries Urged to Look out for Emerging Tort Claims: Benzene, Lead Paint, and Welding Rods
07-27-09 CAS Seminar on Predictive Modeling to be Held October 11-12 in Las Vegas
07-29-08 Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar to be Held September 10-11 in San Diego
07-02-08 Casualty Actuaries Face New Challenge From Emergence of Solvency II Regime in Europe
07-20-07 CAS Releases Inaugural Issue of Variance: Advancing the Science of Risk
07-20-07 Enterprise Risk Management Can Deliver Real Value to Firms, Casualty Actuarial Society is Told
07-16-07 Florida’s Property Insurance Problems Major Focus at CAS Spring Meeting
07-01-06 Florida Insurance Issues, ERM and International Topics to be Discussed at CAS Spring Meeting June 18-20 in Orlando
07-24-04 Casualty Actuarial Society Reinsurance Seminar to be Held May 7-8 in Philadelphia
07-04-04 Development and Use of Insurance Catastrophe Models for Terrorist Attacks Discussed at CAS Seminar on Ratemaking
07-21-03 Actuaries Should Play Greater Role in Managing Underwriting Cycles, CAS is Told
07-21-03 Leading Global Experts to Explore, Address Latest Developments in Enterprise Risk Management at March 28-30 Symposium in Chicago
07-22-02 Casualty Actuarial Society Ratemaking Seminar to be Held March 8-9 in Atlanta