Future Fellows - June 2012
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To Print or Not to Print: Survey Says…

By Dan Tevet, FCAS, MAAA

In the December 2011 issue of Future Fellows, we asked our loyal readers to complete a survey asking whether we should continue offering both the print and online versions of Future Fellows or just offer the online version. The results are now in. The short version—we will continue to offer both the print and online versions.

Now, for the longer version. The survey results were mixed, and reasonable people can disagree on the interpretation. Roughly 60% of respondents said that they read only the printed version of Future Fellows or mostly the printed version, while about 35% read only the online version or mostly the online version (and 5% read the printed and online versions equally). On the other hand, when asked if the CAS should continue to offer both a printed and online version or only offer an online version, about 60% of respondents said we should only offer an online version.

In our opinion, these results aren’t compelling enough to justify moving Future Fellows to an online-only publication. Based on the survey numbers and comments, it is clear that many current readers would either stop or be significantly less likely to continue reading an online-only Future Fellows. However, we do plan on re-surveying our readers in the future to see if opinions shift over time.

Dan Tevet is actuarial associate senior at Insurance Services Office, Inc., in Jersey City, New Jersey, and a member of the Candidate Liaison Committee.

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