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Humor Me
Favorite Lesser-Known Excel Shortcuts
By Michael Ersevim 

Many actuaries can utilize keyboard short-cuts so well, it seems as if they are playing the piano more than using a computer keyboard. Here are a few of the lesser-known but very handy short-cuts to assist you in your daily work-flow. These are powerful, so use them wisely….

Keyboard Commands What it does
Alt-P, D, Q Prevents dumb Excel questions from co-workers for up to 8 hours.
Ctrl-H, +/- Increases/Decreases the office temperature by 1 degree F.
Alt-Shift-T, M, I Curtails explanations of unwanted personal details.
Alt-H, U, T, P Drops a co-worker’s noisy cell phone conversation.
Ctrl-Shift-J, 5, M Gives you five more minutes before a meeting to print your exhibits.
Alt-I, C, U Sends contagious co-workers home to recover.
Ctrl-I, M, 1, % Maximizes your portion of the annual bonus pool.
Alt-Shift-4, 1, 1 Brings you up to speed on the office rumor-mill.
Ctrl-W, W, E Helps you prevail in any wrestling matches with other departments.
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