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Foundation Awards and Prizes Recognize the Good Works of the Profession
Congratulations to Richard S. Foster, FSA, MAAA, as the 2011 recipient of the Wynn Kent Public Communication Award. Foster received the award for demonstrating the vital contribution actuaries can provide in shaping public policy. On numerous occasions, he testified before Congress as an independent advisor and provided a nonpartisan view on the future of Medicare.

Do you know an actuary who has contributed to public awareness of financial risk and the work product of the actuarial profession to the public? If so, submit your nomination for the 2012 Wynn Kent Public Communication Award no later than March 15, 2012.

The David Garrick Halmstad Prize is given annually for actuarial research in memory of David Garrick Halmstad for his significant contributions to actuarial science and research. The 2011 David Garrick Halmstad Prize was awarded to the authors of two papers published in 2008: “On Systematic Mortality Risk and Risk-Minimization with Survivor Swaps” by Mikkel Dahl, Martin Teilmann Melchior, and Thomas Møller; and “Hierarchical Insurance Claims Modeling” by Edward W. Frees and Emiliano A. Valdez.

Visit the foundation website for a list of all the awards and prizes supported by the Foundation and to read published research today.

The Power of Probability Hits Middle Schools and Challenges Students Online
In October, The Actuarial Foundation released The Power of Probability, the sixth installment in the Expect the Unexpected With Math® series with education publisher Scholastic, Inc. These classroom materials were delivered to 293,000 middle school math teachers—reaching more than 4 million students.

As a bonus to this release, teachers and students can participate in an online, interactive probability challenge lab and music tour game based on the materials. Play the Probabilities Tour game for yourself and see how you score.

Magically Double Your Money!
Make a first-time gift to The Actuarial Foundation and—like magic—watch it double!

All first-time donors who contribute $50 or more to the Foundation will have their gift matched—dollar for dollar—through the Foundation’s Matching Gift Challenge.

Donate now and double your money in support of teaching materials in the classroom, scholarships for students, and financial education for the public.

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