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New UCAS Sessions Available

The University of CAS (UCAS) offers recorded sessions that were presented at CAS meetings, seminars, and Webinars. The recordings, which feature audio synched with PowerPoint presentations, are available online through an easy-to-use interface. New sessions are being added constantly, and most recently, sessions from the 2011 Annual Meeting have been posted, including:

  • A Presentation About Presentations: Creating the “Dynamic Actuary”   
  • Oil Price and Its Impact on Insurance   
  • The Business of Run-Off   
  • Choosing the Right Territory   
  • Directors and Officers Liability   
  • Facts and Fiction of Statistical Significance   
  • Latest Research on Capital Allocation   
  • Medical Professional Liability Updates and Innovations   
  • The Painful Truth About Workers Compensation Medical Severity Trends   
  • Does a Captive Need an AM Best Rating?   
  • Financial and Human Toll of the Great Tohoku Earthquake in Japan   
  • Flood Insurance—The Great Debate   
  • It’s Not Just for Pension Actuaries: What Every Actuary Should Know About Social Security Funding   
  • Hachemeister Prize and Variance Paper Presentations   
  • Model Risk in Financial Systems: The Lesson of the Black Swans   
  • Using Novel Data for Vehicle Rating

Access to sessions is free for Annual Meeting attendees. This extends the value of event registration by allowing attendees to benefit from sessions they were not able to attend on-site. Access by individuals who did not attend the Annual Meeting can be purchased for $25 per session or $99 for all of the sessions.

UCAS includes a section of entirely free sessions, such as research paper presentations from the Seminar on Reinsurance and sessions on CAS issues. Click UCAS Free Content on the main navigation bar to access the complimentary sessions.

Sessions are also available from the 2011 Cutting Edge Tools for Pricing and Underwriting Seminar, 2011 Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar (CLRS), recent Webinars, and many other events.

Visit the University of CAS to learn more. At UCAS, education is just a click way!

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