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CE Compliance Review Process Outlined

The CAS Continuing Education (CE) Policy applies to Actuarial Services rendered on or after January 1, 2012. Fellows and Associates were asked to certify their compliance with the policy’s CE requirements as of December 31, 2011.

The CAS online membership directory has been modified to include information about member compliance with the CE Policy and that information is available to the general public. The limited directory will display member names, membership designations, and current year’s compliance status (compliant, not compliant, not providing actuarial services).

In order to verify the integrity of the information contained in the CAS membership database on which an outsider might rely, the CAS will randomly audit 1% of the continuing education logs for members who have attested their compliance with the policy. In addition, the CAS Board of Directors agreed that 100% of the Board and Executive Council members (excluding appointed directors and the executive director) will be subject to the annual audit regarding compliance with the CE Policy.

The CAS has released the CE Compliance Review Process for 2012. The steps in the process include:

  • All members of the CAS who are subject to CE requirements will be notified of the review process and will be informed that they may be selected for a review of their CE activities.   
  • A random sample of one percent (1%) of the CAS membership certifying compliance shall be obtained for the review. In addition, all members of the CAS Board of Directors and CAS Executive Council will be subjects of the review.   
  • The Actuaries' Resource Center will contact the selected members by e-mail (or by mail if there is no e-mail address on file) notifying them that they have been selected for the audit and requesting support documents. CE records shall be due from the members within four (4) weeks of the notification date. E-mails and hard copy reminder letters shall be sent to the members two (2) weeks prior to the due date. Each audit specimen will be assigned a sequential number and the individual names redacted from the CE records upon receipt by the Actuaries' Resource Center.   
  • Those selected to be audited who have not responded to the request by providing supporting documents will be called by the Actuaries' Resource Center. If these members fail to submit the required documents by the identified due dates, registered letters shall be sent indicating that the members are not in compliance with the CE requirements and that their names will be published as non-compliant on the CAS Web Site.   
  • Support documents are received by the Actuaries' Resource Center through e-mail, fax, regular mail, or express service.   
  • The CAS Member and Volunteer Coordinator shall compile the CE records and perform a cursory review noting questions and highlighting those areas that do not satisfy the CE requirements. The redacted CE records will then be sent to the CAS CE Compliance Committee for review.   
  • Upon completion of the review, the CE Compliance Committee should report its findings to the CAS Member and Volunteer Coordinator who shall send a letter to the members outlining the results of the reviews and thanking them for their cooperation.

Members are encouraged to review the complete CE Policy for all of the details on the CE requirements. The policy, a list of frequently asked questions and responses, detailed audit procedures, and links to other resources are available on the CAS Web Site.

If you have any questions, please contact Todd Rogers, CAS Director of Finance and Operations, at

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