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25 Years Ago in The Actuarial Review
The CAS and Gender Issues
Walter Wright 

As stated on page 2 of this issue, the founder of AR, Matt Rodermund, died in 2011. Relatively few women had been members of the CAS during Matt Rodermund’s career, but this extract from his February 1987 editorial shows that he welcomed the shift toward a more gender-balanced Society.

One of the great things to observe in recent years has been the growing number of women coming into the CAS. Mavis Walters alerted us that of the 34 new Fellows admitted in November, 10 were women, as were 7 of the 24 new Associates. In May, 5 of the 19 new Fellows were women, and 14 of the 82 new Associates. We checked back and found that at the end of 1985, 72 of 699 Fellows (10.3 percent) and 67 of 483 Associates (13.9 percent) were women, a total of 139 out of 1,182 members (11.8 percent). In contrast, at the end of 1975, 6 of 299 Fellows were women; but things were starting to pick up, because 30 of 377 Associates were women, a total female membership at that time 36 out of 676, or 5.3 percent. That means that of the increase of 506 members in ten years, 103, or 20.4 percent, were women. The Society is to be congratulated on its growth, and applauded for reaching out to attractive and competent people, regardless of sex. We hope that the growing female contingent is achieving equity in income level.

For those curious about how the numbers have changed in the last 25 years: The figures cited by Matt for the November 1986 and May 1986 admissions show that 23% of the new Fellows and Associates (combined) were women. The corresponding percentage for 2011 had increased to approximately 38%!

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