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This issue is dedicated to the memory of Actuarial Review Editor Emeritus Matthew Rodermund, who died in 2011. Considered the “father of the Actuarial Review,” he became the newsletter’s first editor when it was started in 1974. Mr. Rodermund was very serious about the editorial integrity of the newsletter, but he also had a sense of humor, as evident in this verse he wrote for the AR in November 1997:

Last on the list is Rodermund, Matt.
It’s been said here and there that he strains at a gnat
In trying to prove, that from cradle to coffin
All actuaries are funny, but not very often.

Mr. Rodermund’s legacy is not only the AR but the spirit of volunteerism so prevalent in the Society. His obituary will appear in the 2011 Proceedings of the Casualty Actuarial Society.

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