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CAS Roundtable Blog Launched
By J. Michael Boa, CAS Director of Communications and Marketing 

The CAS unveiled its new blog, The CAS Roundtable, in July 2011. In keeping with the spirit of its name, The CAS Roundtable is intended to serve as an interactive forum for the discussion and exchange of views on important issues within the CAS and casualty actuarial profession.

As CAS President Ralph Blanchard wrote in the inaugural blog post, “We hope that [The CAS Roundtable] will become a regular part of our communications between the CAS leadership and members, allowing for timely feedback in both directions.”

To that end, blog posts to date have featured topics such as transparency and the actuarial discipline process, the CAS’s proposed CERA certification requirements, statistics in the actuarial skill set, and the NAIC’s Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) proposal.

Readers of the blog have responded to the invitation for engagement by submitting comments on every blog post. For example, the post about statistics in the actuarial skill set, in which CAS Vice President-Admissions David Menning asked whether the CAS basic education system covered statistics at the appropriate level, resulted in 33 responses from blog readers.

If you haven’t yet participated in these discussions and added your comments, I hope you will. The CAS is committed to communicating with members regarding issues under consideration by CAS leadership and encourages member input on those issues. The blog is a new communication vehicle that allows the CAS to do exactly that. Join the conversation at the roundtable today!

The CAS Roundtable is available from the CAS Web Site home page.

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