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Proposals to Expand Associates’ Participation in CAS Governance Fail

Results of the Constitution and Bylaws Amendments Vote

ARLINGTON, Va.—Proposals that would allow Associates of the Casualty Actuarial Society to vote in CAS elections and serve as directors failed to garner the necessary support of the Fellows, and were defeated in balloting conducted in conjunction with the 2011 CAS elections.

The CAS Constitution and Bylaws may be amended by an affirmative vote of 10 percent of the Fellows or two-thirds of the Fellows voting, whichever is greater. Voting results on the two initiatives related to the rights of Associates were as follows:

Do you approve the Constitution and Bylaws changes allowing Associates to vote (i.e., to become Voting Members of the CAS) five years after they are recognized as Associates, if they have not yet attained Fellowship?

On the condition that the first question passes, do you approve the Constitution and Bylaws changes making all Voting Members eligible to be elected members of the Board?

While the Constitution and Bylaws changes related to Associates failed, two other proposals were approved.

One set of changes was designed to allow the CAS to participate in the joint disciplinary process that was proposed by the Council of U.S. Presidents (CUSP), which is comprised of the Presidents and Presidents-Elect of the U.S.-based actuarial organizations. CUSP developed a proposal for joint discipline intended to increase the efficiency of the discipline process and create greater consistency among discipline outcomes.

The amendments, which were approved with 81 percent of the Fellows voting in favor, enable the CAS Board of Directors to enter into an agreement for joint discipline with other participating organizations, while retaining control of the discipline of CAS members. As articulated in the changes to the CAS Constitution and Bylaws, the CAS Board, if approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the CAS Board members voting, would be granted the authority to enter into a joint disciplinary agreement, provided that:

  1. No CAS member will be disciplined unless a majority of the panel judging that CAS member is composed of CAS members and a majority of those CAS members concur with the discipline.   
  2. The authority to impose penalties of expulsion or suspension for more than two years for any CAS member will remain with the CAS.

Finally, the Fellows approved a proposal to eliminate antiquated language from the Constitution and Bylaws related to Affiliate members, with 91 percent voting in favor of the amendment.

A total of 1,375 Fellows voted (35.5%), as compared to 1,166 Fellows last year (31.9%).

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