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From the Mind to the Page—CAS Publications Offer Outlets for Members’ Ideas
By Paul E. Lacko, Chairperson, CAS Publications Management Board 

Sure, the CAS offers publications for its members to read—but if you are just reading them you are not fully taking advantage of the opportunity to contribute to actuarial literature and news. On behalf of the CAS Publications Management Board, I invite all CAS members to take full advantage of the publication opportunities the CAS offers. Each publication has an editorial staff to assist your with your submissions and guide you through the editorial process.

Following are brief descriptions of some of the Society’s publication—one of them may be just right for you.

AR Logo
Of all the CAS publications, The Actuarial Review (AR) publishes the shortest articles and reaches probably the largest readership. AR welcomes your short articles that entertain and inform CAS members. The AR staff invites you to submit a news article, a letter to the editor, an opinion piece, some actuarial humor, even an actuarial research idea or technique that you would like to share with other property and casualty actuaries.

E-Forum Logo
E-Forums generally comprise papers written in response to special calls for papers about specific topics—ratemaking, reserving, capital allocation, DFA, and so on. You are also invited to submit a paper to E-Forums about a topic of your choice. While your paper will not be refereed or formally peer-reviewed, it will be reviewed and edited before publication to help you present your work in the very best light possible. After publication, you may want to think about building on the work you have done and crafting a paper suitable for Variance.

Variance Logo
Variance is the top-of-the-line CAS research publication, reserved for serious, perhaps lengthy, presentations of independent research. Although some Variance papers present pure theory, the editors prefer papers that emphasize useful methods that readers can actually apply on the job. Your paper will be published when it meets the high standards required of this professional, academic journal. Variance editors will help you meet these standards, and your paper will be peer-reviewed by actuaries who are qualified to do so in the appropriate area of expertise. You will need to be patient because the peer review process reflects a focus on quality over speed. You can expect to receive constructive criticism, which is a euphemism for “instructions to rewrite” sections that the editors believe you can improve.

WP Logo
Working Papers are reviewed only by other CAS members who are able, willing, and interested in offering help, advice, and constructive criticism. Here you can sketch out your thoughts and develop them over time into a paper suitable for publication. If your ideas are not ready for Variance or E-Forum, consider the Working Papers page of the CAS Web Site.

Monographs Logo
Monographs are survey articles about a particular subject, and, depending on the subject, they may be long. If you enjoy compiling and synthesizing the actuarial research others have done (and then maybe adding your own material), watch for upcoming requests for proposal. Monographs’ subjects under consideration include reserve variability, capital allocation, and risk loads. If you feel motivated to write the definitive survey paper about your favorite actuarial topic, please visit

As you can see, the CAS offers a broad range of publications.

Please consider contributing a submission for publication.
candidate Jonathan R. Mesagaes

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