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ICA 2014 Releases Puzzle #3—A Kakuro

The National Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates springtime in Washington, D.C., as well as the 1912 gift of cherry trees from Japan. The 2011 Festival has recently ended, signaling the three-year mark until the 2014 International Congress of Actuaries (ICA) comes to Washington. The dates for the 2014 Congress—March 30, 2014, to April 4, 2014—were chosen to coincide with springtime, one of the most beautiful times of the year in D.C., when the cherry blossom trees that line the Potomac River are in full bloom.

To mark the occasion, the ICA has released a third puzzle, a Kakuro, which is a cross between a crossword and a Sudoku. Instead of letters, each block contains one of the digits 1 through 9. The same digit will never repeat within a word. If you add the digits in a word, the sum will be the number shown in the clue. Clues are shown on the left and right sides of “across” words and on the top and bottom of “down” words.

Download the PDF of ICA 2014 Puzzle #3a and 3b and then follow the instructions for submitting the puzzle solution. Of the correct submissions, one will be selected at random to receive a $250 American Express gift card.

The deadline for responses is July 31, 2011. The puzzle solutions and an announcement of the winner will be posted in August 2011.

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