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Global CERA Web Site Launched

A new Web site has been launched to support the global Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA) credential. The CERA Web Site will be a valuable resource to many across the world, including:

  • Employers who want to understand the benefits of employing CERA-qualified actuaries, the skills and knowledge that these actuaries possess, and the work they are able to perform in risk management;
  • Actuaries who already hold the CERA credential;
  • Actuaries and actuarial students with an interest in studying for the CERA credential;
  • Actuarial associations who are not currently members of the CERA Treaty and want to learn how they can submit an application to join the Treaty.

As recognition of the opportunities presented by the CERA credential grows, the Web site will be key in promoting the work of CERA actuaries across the world, highlighting their place at the forefront of enterprise risk management.

Among the many site resources, the “Meet a CERA” feature profiles individual CERAs, including their backgrounds and the work that they do. Companies seeking to hire a CERA will be able to use the site to verify individuals’ CERA credentials. Web site users can access articles and papers on current CERA developments, an interactive map of participating CERA associations, and links to the individual associations. Those considering a CERA qualification can find routes to CERA qualification, a detailed syllabus with chief learning objectives, and links to further reading. The site also includes the actuarial associations in the CERA Treaty, those offering the credential, and those expected to do so in future.

The CAS has recently submitted an application to become an Award Signatory and no official timeline for completion of the review has been announced. Once the review is completed and the international Board has approved the application, the CAS may begin awarding the CERA designation.

The CERA concept was first developed in the U.S. by the Society of Actuaries, which joined with the national associations of other leading countries to create the CERA Treaty Board in November 2009. The 13 associations currently involved are: Institute of Actuaries of Australia; Canadian Institute of Actuaries; Institute of Actuaries of France; German Actuarial Society; Israel Association of Actuaries; Institute of Actuaries of Japan; Mexican Association of Actuaries; Actuarial Society of the Netherlands; Actuarial Society of South Africa; Swedish Society of Actuaries; Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, U.K.; Casualty Actuary Society, U.S.; Society of Actuaries, U.S.

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