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Annual Report of CAS Discipline Committee to the Board of Directors
By Janet Fagan, Chairperson of the 2010 Discipline Committee 

  1. Background. The CAS Rules of Procedure for Disciplinary Actions (as amended November 14, 1998, by the Board of Directors) requires an annual report by the Discipline Committee to the Board of Directors and to the membership. This report shall include a description of its activities, including commentary on the types of cases pending, resolved, and dismissed. The annual report is subject to the confidentiality requirements.
  2. 2010 Activity. The Discipline Committee Panel processed two cases during the year. There is one case to report.
The Discipline Committee Panel found that Michael W. Cash violated Precepts 1 and 8 of the CAS Code of Professional Conduct. The Discipline Committee Panel voted to suspend Mr. Cash from CAS membership for a period ending November 1, 2012. The Committee Panel also voted to require successful completion of a Professionalism Course as a condition for reinstatement to the CAS. Copies of this Report were provided to the CAS President and the CAS Executive Director. The decision remains subject to further notice and confidentiality procedures under the Rules of Procedure. As the suspension is public discipline, notice will be included in the November 2010 issue of the Actuarial Review.   

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