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Visit for the New ICA 2014 Puzzle

Do you like learning about history? Do you like puzzles, especially anagrams? Then visit for the new ICA 2014 puzzle—an ICA history lesson in the form of an anagram!

A sonnet was sent to the ICA 2014 organizers by the IAA representative who scouts locations for the Congress. He has been scouting locations since 1895, and boy, is he tired. He’s a little loopy, too. Each line of his sonnet contains the encoded name of a city where the Congress has been held, including, appropriately enough, the city that will host the next one in 2014. To read the sonnet, go to, and try to identify the fourteen cities.

Hint #1: “Encoded” means anagrammed. Each city’s letters, in English, is scrambled into one or two consecutive words in each line of the sonnet. For example, not root = Toronto.

Hint #2: A list of the cities that have hosted the International Congress of Actuaries can be found on the ICA 2014 Web Site. However, the list is not directly linked from the puzzle; you will have to explore the site to find the list.

Hint #3: ICA 2014 is scheduled for 30 March to 4 April 2014 in Washington, D.C. at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel.

Submit the puzzle solution to enter a drawing to win a prize! Send the list of cities in the order they appear in the sonnet to by November 30, 2010. Of the correct entries, one will be selected at random to receive a $250 American Express gift card. The correct answers for the puzzle and an announcement of the winner will be posted on in early December.   

While you are visiting the ICA 2014 Web Site to find the sonnet, look for the first ICA 2014 puzzle, a Sudoku. Also, sign up for RSS feeds and the e-mail newsletter to receive ICA 2014 updates as soon as they are posted. Registration for ICA 2014 is expected to open in late 2012 or early 2013.   

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